Hey there, fellow adventurer! Ever dreamt of discovering Costa Rica’s hidden gems? Let me take you on a journey. Picture the Nauyaca Waterfalls, cascading majestically in a canyon, or the Uvita Waterfall, a serene oasis near Marino Ballena National Park. Now, nestled in the heart of this paradise is Quepos, a treasure trove of natural wonders. Its waterfalls, in particular, are nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether you’re diving into pristine pools, hiking through vibrant rainforests, or simply soaking in the beauty, Costa Rica’s waterfalls promise an experience like no other. And for those seeking a thrill, some even offer cliff jumping! As a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, our curated tours promise to unveil the magic of Quepos in all its cascading glory. Ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Here are the highlights you can expect:

  • Nauyaca Waterfalls: Located in a canyon of the Barucito River, the Nauyaca Waterfalls are among the most impressive in Costa Rica. The falls consist of two cascades, the upper falls measuring about 45 meters (148 feet) high and the lower falls standing at approximately 20 meters (66 feet) high. Visitors can swim in the natural pools beneath the falls or enjoy horseback riding and hiking in the surrounding area.
  • Uvita Waterfall: Situated near the town of Uvita, about an hour’s drive from Quepos, Uvita Waterfall is a hidden gem near the Marino Ballena National Park. It features a striking 55-meter (180-foot) waterfall that plunges into a large natural pool. The waterfall is surrounded by lush rainforest, offering a picturesque and tranquil setting for visitors to enjoy.
  • Portalón Waterfall: Situated near the town of Dominical in the Central/South Pacific region, the Portalón Waterfall is a breathtaking sight that cascades from a height of 7 meters (25 feet). The trail leading to this waterfall, approximately 2 kilometers in length, winds through the verdant rainforest, presenting opportunities to witness diverse wildlife and rich flora. At the base of the waterfall, visitors can indulge in a refreshing swim in the natural pool.
  • Pavón Waterfall: Located just 25 minutes from Uvita, Costa Rica, is a tranquil gem surrounded by lush jungle. Its unique feature is a giant rock at its crest. Known for its year-round swim-friendly natural pools, access is straightforward via a brief 2-minute trail with some steep steps. There’s no entrance fee, and free street parking is available. Increasingly popular, it’s an ideal spot for relaxation and swimming in nature.